June 29, 2010

Tasty Thai buffalo wing -Street food

These chicken wings are main dish on many streetside shops in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand. Never try it means you not really in Thailand.

Thais soaked the wings with soy sauce or fish sauce and some other ingredients like garlic or peper ,marinates for an hour or more ,then grill it on fire along street's footpath .The by-product of this dish is a plume of smog or foggy-smelly smoke rising up on the sidewalk.

Well.....this is one of the crazy dish in Bangkok.Welcome yourself with one of these when you were there.This food is not means for westernner ,just for ordinary thai people so this is not a tourist thing.

Most shop that sell it are Northeastern food shop or E-sarn food shop.You may tried thai food in the past in your own country but I have to say those Thai restaurant around the world mostly sell Thai central food (Just a central thai cusine) .While in Thailand we have other cusine as well: Northern,Southern and Northeastern .We will talk about those cusine later.

ปีก - Peek means = wing

ไก่ - Gai means = chicken

Then ปีกไก่ - Peek-Gai = Chicken wings

ปิ้ง - Ping means = Grilled

A good news is the menu is not hot . Unless you put in an accompany black-and-smell chili concentrated sauce(or jaew - แจ่ว in Thai.)

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