June 10, 2010

what is Sarsi drink?

A visit to any Southeast Asian convenient store will give you a headache,sights and sounds,aroma rising,and also many strange names on those shelves. The name "Sarsi Drink" is one of the strangest and you really have no clue of what it was there in the can.

Look at this following pic from Malaysia. What we see here is : carbonated Sarsi flavored drink and Experience the Blast! wow...sound interesting and really inviting but absolutely no idea of what inside .

The mysterious Sarsi drink is named after "Sarsaparilla" : a plant from Central America which is a main substance uses to make this drink and ....root beer! So It is tastes similar or almost the same to root beer.May be a bit stronger taste.

Sarsi is the name uses and well known in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries. Also in Taiwan and Hong kong. In Thailand "root beer' is the prefers name.

Next time you looking for root beer then looks for Sarsi !

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