February 25, 2015

sleeper bus from Ho Chi Minh City to Ca Mau

a bus information : sleeper bus from Ho Chi Minh City to  Ca Mau  in the south. The bus operator is Phuong Trang  futa express or orange bus which is reliable and nice so

The ticket price for one trip is 200,000 Vietnamese dong and travel time is seven hours

February 19, 2015

sliced pig ears spicy salad - Thai street food

 sliced pig ears spicy salad. look at those thin strip of soft bones!

Interesting dish to try but not for anyone with faint heart .This is the sliced pig ears spicy salad .  This dish  cooked like  all Thai style spicy salad but changed the ingredient to slice ears with have soft bone in it and some part of pig's face.Also added more chopped lemon glass and shallot. 

Thai name :  ยำหูหมู  (Yum-hoo-Moo )
Street food location :  Mae Hong Son  market

pretty spicy dish too with some lemongrass and shallot.

Yummy buffalo wings grilling , Pai street food Thailand

Just look at those nice yummy grilled buffalo wings sizzling  on  fire.I thinks the Thai and Laos grilled and BBQ stuff are the best in this region.Especially with some  sticky rice .
Anyway ...The  dried chili - tamarind sauce  is still too spicy for me to handle .

Location of  street food: Pai,Thailand.

grilling wings over electric stove ..

All buffalo wings marinated in special sauce before put on fire.

Cháo trắng - Vietnamese boiled White rice porridge

sweet shrimp goes well with porridge

Cháo trắng  or the Vietnamese  boiled White rice porridge .  The rice soup is just simply  the main dish and you have to choose some side dishes accompanied  from what ever available of the day .

For my case ,It's  boiled salted duck egg and  sweet small shrimp.

salted duck egg - boiled and cut in half.

My afternoon porridge meal in Saigon 

Fatty Sin - Thai pork leg stew with rice

Every one got a fatty sin and this one  is mine : Thai pork leg stew with rice. (Khao-Kha-Moo) (ข้าวขาหมู)

Actually  this is a Chinese origins dish but i love the Thai version more because they always serves with fresh Chili pepper  and garlic to balance the taste with the fatty taste.

Thai pork leg stew with rice

So much calories but really worth it!