October 6, 2010

Beer Lao

By: Asian Trip Wayfarer

A friend of us took this photo at Pak san, a small province of Laos on the bank of Mekong river .

This beer is not just the national beer of Laos but also won the hearts of many backpackers who travels through this small country each year.

Beer Lao (5% Alc./Vol.)is a beer of choice for both Laos and foreign visitors,some took this brand to their heart and went beyond that to the level of pure obsession.

I even met a Brit traveler in Ubon, Southern Laos who really jump out of his Ubon to Pakxe international bus ,rush passed the Laotian checkpoint and then heading for the first Cold drinks vendor he saw and got his first 2 cans of Beer Lao in 5 years!

Above: Beer Lao web site looked serious here about underage drinker but on the real life this much more relax in practice in Lao

ฺำBeer Lao is so smooth in taste and much milder than Thai version of Chang beer. Most backpackers who travels through Lao loves this beer and proudly where beer Lao t-shirt back home . So sooner or later this brand will be recognized worldwide .

The Lao Brewery Co., Ltd (LBC) just announced that in the first half of 2010, LBC reported beer sales growth of 17% compare to the same period last year and contributed more than 420 billion kips (US$51.2 million) to the national budget of Lao.

You can visit the official Beer Lao site here

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