October 11, 2010

Mermaid as a symbol of Songkhla

By: Boysabuy

This is the street name signs in Songkhla Province(สงขลา), Thailand. Notice it has a mermaid as a symbol of Songkhla Province. Because the Songkhla province have a beach called Laem Samila. In The beach you can see the mermaid statue.The legend and inspiration of the mermaid there made in to the street signs symbol showed in this picture.

Every province in Thailand has a symbol seal of its own.

October 10, 2010

vientiane night market

by: MrHotsia

on april 2010 i visit vientiane and walk around cam khong(Mekong River side). not quite a long street market,walking about 100 m., but good view on the bank of Mekong River.

October 9, 2010

No xe may on 1,000-year birthday party of Hanoi

By: EastCode news team

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Today is a special day for Vietnam when Ha noi, the capital of this Southeast Asian countries , celebrating her 1,000-year birthday party.

But if we strict to the fact .The former name of Ha noi called as Thang Long, or "rising or soaring dragon".Then the French changed it to a much more simpler name: Ha noi , as we known it today.

But one cool fact of this really special event is the horde of "xe may" or "motorbike" that roaming Vietnamese street every day will be no where to be seen in the central Ha noi as the Vietnamese authorities announced all vehicle prohibited from Ba Dinh Square; Hung Vuong Road; Doc Lap-Hoang Van Thu; the Nguyen Canh Chan-Ba Huyen Thanh Quan-Mot Cot Pagoda route; the Phan Dinh Phung-Hoang Dieu-Quan Thanh route; Thanh Nien Road; the Van Xuan Garden and surrounds during parade rehearsals on October 6-7 and October 9-10.

Nguyen Thai Hoc-Cua Nam-Trang Thi-Hang Khay-Trang Tien Streets will be closed to traffic for the parade.

Both vehicles and pedestrians will be banned from Ba Dinh Square on Sunday morning, October 10.

October 7, 2010

Pong Yub as the ground collapsed.

By: Boy Sabuy

Pong Yub , Ratchaburi province(ราชบุรี). A lot of big holes here. As the ground collapsed. It happened a long time ago. I think it is a Natural wonders.

It is located in private land. And is currently becoming a tourist attraction. About 130 kilometers away from Bangkok.

open daily from 06:00 to 18:00
Admission fee is 40 Baht (1.3 USD)

Mineral For health, Raksa Warin Hot Springs

For health , The hot springs have been a popular tourist visit to Ranong province (ระนอง) in Thailand. Many people come here for health care. If you soak in hot springs about 15 minutes will help you to better health. Nature of the hot springs here are a stream of water flowing down from the top of the hill. But this area has the highest temperature around 50-65 degrees Celsius.

Inside The Hot Springs have a healthy garden and many restaurants. Or choose from the mineral bath Massage service is interesting.

October 6, 2010

Beer Lao

By: Asian Trip Wayfarer

A friend of us took this photo at Pak san, a small province of Laos on the bank of Mekong river .

This beer is not just the national beer of Laos but also won the hearts of many backpackers who travels through this small country each year.

Beer Lao (5% Alc./Vol.)is a beer of choice for both Laos and foreign visitors,some took this brand to their heart and went beyond that to the level of pure obsession.

I even met a Brit traveler in Ubon, Southern Laos who really jump out of his Ubon to Pakxe international bus ,rush passed the Laotian checkpoint and then heading for the first Cold drinks vendor he saw and got his first 2 cans of Beer Lao in 5 years!

Above: Beer Lao web site looked serious here about underage drinker but on the real life this much more relax in practice in Lao

ฺำBeer Lao is so smooth in taste and much milder than Thai version of Chang beer. Most backpackers who travels through Lao loves this beer and proudly where beer Lao t-shirt back home . So sooner or later this brand will be recognized worldwide .

The Lao Brewery Co., Ltd (LBC) just announced that in the first half of 2010, LBC reported beer sales growth of 17% compare to the same period last year and contributed more than 420 billion kips (US$51.2 million) to the national budget of Lao.

You can visit the official Beer Lao site here

October 4, 2010

Buy ticket at counters

By:Asian trip wayfarer

Many scams can be found around -in and outside most of Thai bus stations. The big billboard here at Hat Yai bus terminal said simply: Buy ticket at counters only. Beware of fraud and scam.

Actually ticket scam cost trouble to Thai travelers than the western ones

Good effort to give us a warning .But many Thai and foreign tourists still why the authorities concerned not do something more to get rid of these ticket scam instead of just warning us.