April 2, 2012

Saxophone pub in Street View Bangkok

by Eastcode travel team

Google Thailand just announced a new map service ...Google Street View for Thai and worldwide market This month and we found "Saxophone pub" ,the best live house in BKK, right there in a small alley near Victory monument.

Check out the pub's website here: http://www.saxophonepub.com/#


March 28, 2012

Google launched Thailand's Street View in Bangkok ,Chiang Mai and Phuket !

by Eastcode travel team
Google just announced the release of Thailand's Street View last Friday and this development will change a whole picture of traveling information in this region ,especially the kingdom of Thailand.

After six short months of working and flooding ,  Now Google street view Thailand users  can easily access to all  imagery of greater Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket  in Google Maps.

The panoramic views of  in these areas will  helpful for any traveller to Thailand to finding their way around their cities, discovering new great place , finding exactly where are  restaurants and shops, and promoting their businesses online.

in a word from Google Thai blog said:

"Tourists can also get an online preview of Thailand when planning vacations, figuring out travel logistics about the exact places to visit, or simply looking for more examples of the country’s hidden beauty."

Here we are at the great and famous panoramic view of Laem Phromthep (แหลมพรหมเทพ) (Phromthep Cape)in  Phuket is land ,the main tourist attraction south of Thailand.

January 22, 2012

้How to get a motorbike up the bus rooftop in Lao

By EastCode travel teams

when we saw some motorbike up on the rooftop of many buses traveling in Laos .The question is: how can they get that one up?

This video clip will tell you what really happened when the skillful driver and his team (including the motorcycle 's owner) cooperating a scheme to put this vehicle up on the bus. The footage taken at the bus terminal in Muang Phonsavan of Xieng Khouang Province

Looked so easy....but do not try this at home!

January 21, 2012

Shared taxi trip from Sihanouk Ville to Kampot and Phnom Bokor view

By  ChavaKiranan

A shared taxi triip in some part of Cambodia is really a share experience . Our friend ,MrHotsia  took a trip from Sihanouk Ville (Kampong Som) to Kampot in a shared taxi  .The taxi crowded . Even the driver had to share his very own seat for a passenger .

Nice experience . Really local ..... and cost him only 5 USD on a one way trip .Also  u can see the Phnom Bokor rising up majestically on the left view horizon when approaching Kampot town in the middle of footage .

January 17, 2012

Speed boat pier at Ca Mau province (Boat from Ca Mau to Nam Can and Dat Mui)

By Eastcode travel team

Speed boat pier or river boat station at Ca Mau is the gateway to the entire lowest part of the Me kong delta in Vietnam .Yes  you still can travels by road but down here river is the live and real life line connecting many riverside communities.

the name of the speed boat pier in Ca Mau is "Ben Tau Cao Toc" and on the Phan Boi Chau  road , not far from the center of the city ,Pls see the map .


This boat runs from  Ca Mau to Rach Tau  or Dat mui  . The Southernmost land of Vietnam .Although nothing much to see there ,but the river view along the route is quite interesting .
Coffee and food shop just outside Ca Mau speed boat terminal . 

A sign outside the boat station : Seated bus Ca Mau to Ho Chi Minh City  with contact number.

along the Ca Mau  pier 

Another bus line: Phuong Trang also has bus route from here to other places in the Vietnamese Me Kong Delta area.

A typical  super fast boat connecting many towns and cities in the Me Kong delta.

Outside of Ca Mau speed boat station at Phan Boi Chau  road

All boat fare list to all destinations such as Nam Can  and Rach Tau(Dat Mui) 

name of boat and list

French Guide (Google translated) :
Embarcadère Vitesse à la province de Ca Mau (Bateau de Ca Mau à Nam Can et DatMui)

Embarcadère de vitesse ou de station de bateau rivière, à Ca Mau est la passerelle versla partie plus basse totalité du delta Me Kong au Vietnam. Oui, vous pouvez toujoursvoyages par la route, mais ici-bas la rivière est la ligne de vie direct et réel reliant les communautés riveraines de nombreuses.

Rach Gia canal Boat pier to Ca Mau

Canal Boat pier at Rach Gia for Ca Mau trip
By  Eastcode travel team

Only a few tourists travels  down South via  a network of canals to Ca Mau province.... We recommend this trip .Not because of Ca Mau is worth a trip . But for the canal  trip itself which the speedy passenger boat   will passing through  many canals and lively communities along the waterway.

boat to Ca Mau schedule from Ben Tau Rach Meo boat pier

The boats leaving Rach Gia for Ca Mau is locates at another smaller pier  just south of the Rach Gia town . Catch a taxi and told the driver that u want to go to  Rach Meo boat station  or  pier (bến tàu Rạch Mẽo )on  the  Ngô Quyền  road.

Speed boat pier  (Ben Tau Rach Meo) in Rach Gia 

speed boat to Ca Mau .This is a compact and really fast boat for river and canal service.

Boat schedules from Rach Gia-Vinh Thuan  ,Rach Gia-Song Doc, Rach Gia-Ca mau and Rach Gia to Xeo Nhau.
detail of price and services .


(Above)  Rach Meo boat station  or  pier (bến tàu Rạch Mẽo )on  the  Ngô Quyền  road.This is the satellite view from google map.You can see a row of white passenger boat at the pier .

French Guide (Google translated):
Rach Gia à Ca Mau Bateau canaux Pier

Les bateaux en partance pour Rach Gia Ca Mau est localise à un autre plus petit quai juste au sud de la ville de Rach Gia. Prenez un taxi et dit au chauffeur que u veux aller à Rach Meo bateau gare ou quai (ben Tàu Rach Meo) sur la route Ngo Quyen.

January 15, 2012

Rach Gia Bus station: Destination Rach Gia-Vung Tau and Rach Gia-TP.HCM

By Eastcode travel team

About 2-3 km. from the main tourist pier to Phu Quoc island ,There is the Rach Gia Bus station at Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm  street. See the map below .

Most bus routes from here go to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and the sea port town of Vung Tau.

Also , u can buy ticket and contact several bus operators  at the Rach Gia main tourist pier .  See this story.

The entrance of the bus station at Rach Gia

minivan from Rach Gia-TP HMC  and contact number

Ticket counter and telephone number of the Mailinh green bus. The best bus in the Mekong delta area

Detail and contact number for the bus to Vung Tau from Rach Gia .There are two bus runs daily  at 1900 is seat bus and at 1930 is a sleeper bus 

bus timetable and price of the ticket to Vung Tau ,South Vietnam.

sleeper bus waiting for late passenger at Rach Gia bus station.

Another operator Tuyet Hon runs route between Rach Gia and Ho Chi Minh City .

Ticket fare from Rach Gia to TP. Ho Chi Minh.

Rach Gia to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

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Map of Rach Gia Bus station or Ben xe  on Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm road, Rạch Giá, Kiên Giang, Vietnam

French Guide (Google translated):
Rach Gia station de bus: Destination Rach Gia-Vung Tau et Rach Gia-TP.HCM

Environ 2-3 km. de la jetée touristique de île de Phu Quoc, il ya la station de Rach Gia à bus de la rue Nguyen Binh Khiem. Voir la carte ci-dessous.  La plupart des itinéraires de bus d'ici aller à Ho Chi Minh Ville (Saigon) et la ville portuaire de la mer de Vung Tau. 

January 14, 2012

Nam Du island&Other boat and ferry destinations at Rach Gia pier terminal

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Nam Du island from Google map

Apart from the Phu Quoc island , smaller boat goes to smaller destination along the Vietnamese southern coast
  • By Eastcode travel decoder team
There are some other  interesting destinations that got ferries leaving from the main Rach Gia pier . Those route mostly runs by Ngoc Thanh  company .There is a ticket counter at a small office just about 100 meter from the Rach Gia main pier . Pls see the picture below:

Ngoc Thanh boat company ticket booth and contact numbers

All boat and ferries  schedule: Rach Gia- Khoi Hanh and An Son-Khoi Hanh , Rach Gia-Hon Tre ,Rach Gia-Hon Son,Rach Gia-Nam du island, Rach Gia- Anson  .Also  boat timetable from An Son-Hon Tre ,An Son-Hon Son,An Son-Nam du island, Anson-Rach Gia

name card and contact number of Ngoc Thanh ferry service in Rach Gia , Vietnam

Boat at the ferry site in Rach Gia 

All ferry trips fare list at Rach Gia pier terminal

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(Above) Nam Du island is a far away is land in the the Gulf of Thailand on the Vietnamese side.

French Note (Google Translate):
 Nam Du île et d'autres destinations en bateau et ferry à Rach Gia terminale quai 

Il ya quelques autres destinations intéressantes qui a obtenu des ferries au départ de l'embarcadère principal de Rach GiaCeux trajet longe par Ngoc Thanh entreprise. Il ya un guichet à un petit bureau à peu près 100 mètres de la jetée principale de Rach Gia.

Movable motobike bridge at Phu Quoc island

By EastCode Asian Decoder
You might spent a month on several sandy beaches on the Phu Quoc island .But without a deep visit to Duong Dong town ,your experience there will not quite complete .Every morning and before the sunset ,the quay and the road along the inlet water are buzzing with all kind of commercial activity and the fish market here is the main pulse of the town .

One interesting site of the day is the opening of the movable bridge for motorbike crossing like in the following video clips (Thai Audio)

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(Above) the bridge seen in this satellite map is the movable pontoon bridge  .The market is in the Tran Phu street area.

Morning&evening market

(Above) Duong Dong evening market on the Phu Quoc island.

(Above) Phu Quoc fish market in the morning

French Note(Google translate):
Movable moto pont à l'île de Phu Quoc

Vous pourriez passé un mois sur plusieurs plages de sable fin sur l'île de Phu Quoc.Mais sans une visite en profondeur de Duong Dong ville, votre expérience, il ne sera pastout à fait complèteChaque matin et avant le coucher du soleil, le quai et la route qui longe l'eau d'admission sont bourdonnant avec toute sorte d'activité commerciale et le marché aux poissons est ici l'impulsion principale de la ville.

Un site intéressant de la journée est l'ouverture du pont mobile pour moto traversantcomme dans les clips vidéo suivante (Thai Audio)

January 13, 2012

Bus connection to Ha tien,Can tho and Ho Chi Minh city at Rach Gia pier

By Eastcode travel team 
When you arrive to Rach Gia town from Phu Quoc island ,look directly and you will see a big building .That's the pier terminal building and inside there are some "Phong ve"  or "ticket booth"  for several main bus orators in South Vietnam . We can book  bus trip and manage the travel connection from Rach Gia to many places in the South Vietnam like Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)  and Can Tho.

Phuong Trang bus line contact number in Can Tho and TP.HCM

the Phuong Trang bus counter ...there are two bus runs at 11.00 and  1600 
Rach Gia to Saigon(TP.HCM)  will cost u around  125,000 VND for a ticket.

there also some Mailinh bus operates from Rach Gia .This is the ticket booth in side the main pier terminal.The sign proclaims that they will never pick up any passenger along the way and always on time.

the Mailinh bus line time schedule and listed fare  from  Rach Gia :   Rach Gia-Ha then , Rach Gia Can Tho  and Rach Gia TP. Ho Chi Minh .

French Guide (Google translated): 
Raccordement du bus pour Ha Tien, Can Tho et Ho Chi Minh ville à Rach Gia quai

Lorsque vous arrivez à Rach ville Gia partir île de Phu Quocregarder directement et vous verrez un grand bâtiment. C'est le bâtiment du terminal Pier et à l'intérieur il ya quelques «ve Phong" ou "billetterie" pour plusieurs orateurs de bus principale au Sud-VietnamNous pouvons réserver voyage en bus et de gérer la connexion de voyage de Rach Gia à de nombreux endroits dans le sud du Vietnam, comme Ho Chi Minh Ville(Saigon) et Can Tho.

Nice guest house near Rach Gia pier

quite ok and efficient guest house  just next to the Rach Gia pier

By Eastcode travel team
For some travelers who miss the afternoon boat from Rach Gia to Phu Quoc island , there is a convenient guesthouse (Thien Trang guesthouse) nearby just about 100 meters from the pier. The ideal location to catch a next boat easily  in the next morning .Don't bother to search far to the downtown It's not much things to see in the Rach Gia .

What we like about this place is the reasonable price and the way they put up a big sign at the entrance like this . 
the name card and contact number of Nha Gghi Thien Trang  or  Thien Trang guesthouse at the Rach Gia port.

Another sign which we thinks required by new law at the hotel counter ,details about prices and type of room in service.

French Guide (Google translated):
Belle maison d'hôtes près de Rach Gia quai

Pour certains voyageurs qui ratent le bateau l'après-midi de Rach Gia à Phu Quoc Island, il ya une maison d'hôtes pratique (Thien Trang pension) à proximité à peu près à 100 mètres de la jetée. L'endroit idéal pour prendre un bateau à côté facilement dans le lendemain matin. Ne vous embêtez pas à chercher loin du centre-ville C'est pas des choses beaucoup plus à voir dans le Rach Gia.

Ferry boat timetable information from Rach Gia-to-Phu Quoc

Busy time at Rach Gia port when any ferry arrived with a full load of passenger from Phu Quoc  island

By Eastcode travel team
Rach Gia  is the main linkage point between people who crossing from Can Tho to Phu Quoc island in the South Vietnam  or  the traveller  who travels from Cambodia to Phu Quoc and on the way to Can Tho.
Route from Vietnam to Cambodia : 
Can Tho>>Rach Gia>>Phu Quoc>>Ha tien>>Kep or Kampot (Cambodia)  

Route from Cambodia to Vietnam
Kep or Kampot (Cambodia)>> Ha tien>>Phu Quoc>>Rach Gia>>Can Tho

Here are all information relates to boat and ferry crossing  from Rach Gia at the tourist pier or main pier in Rach Gia  (bến tàu du lịch Rạch Giá )  which has many destination like Phú Quốc , Hòn Tre, Hòn Sơn, Thổ Chu ,etc.

The published ferry fares for all routes leaving from Rach Gia . The word : Nguoi Lon means Adult .The other  you can guess by yourself.

the billboard sign for Savanna ferry which is a catamaran 's time of departure  and also contact number in Rach Gia ,Phu Quoc and  Ho Chi Minh City .

Savanna Express ferry contact number from travel agency  

SuperDong boat ferry  contact from a travel agency in Rach Gia 

a big street sign at the main pier show up  all boat schedule from Rach Gia to Phu Quoc  beach island destination .

Another ferry service Helen  by Tnhh Song Hong  .See the contact number above . 

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the map of Rach Gia on the right and big Phu Quoc island on the left.

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the main pier to Phu quoc island from Rach Gia

French Guide (Google translated): 
Ferry informations horaires de bateau de Rach Gia à Phu Quoc

Rach Gia est le point principal lien entre les personnes qui traversant de Can Tho au île de Phu Quoc dans le Vietnam du Sud ou le voyageur qui se rend au Cambodge à Phu Quoc et sur la manière de Can Tho.
Route du Vietnam au Cambodge:
Can Tho>> Rach Gia>> Phu Quoc>> Ha Tien>> Kep ou Kampot (Cambodge)

Route du Cambodge au Vietnam
Kep ou Kampot (Cambodge)>> Ha Tien>> Phu Quoc>> Rach Gia>> Can Tho

Voici tous les renseignements se rapportent à bateau et traversée en ferry de Rach Gia àPhu Quoc