January 17, 2012

Speed boat pier at Ca Mau province (Boat from Ca Mau to Nam Can and Dat Mui)

By Eastcode travel team

Speed boat pier or river boat station at Ca Mau is the gateway to the entire lowest part of the Me kong delta in Vietnam .Yes  you still can travels by road but down here river is the live and real life line connecting many riverside communities.

the name of the speed boat pier in Ca Mau is "Ben Tau Cao Toc" and on the Phan Boi Chau  road , not far from the center of the city ,Pls see the map .


This boat runs from  Ca Mau to Rach Tau  or Dat mui  . The Southernmost land of Vietnam .Although nothing much to see there ,but the river view along the route is quite interesting .
Coffee and food shop just outside Ca Mau speed boat terminal . 

A sign outside the boat station : Seated bus Ca Mau to Ho Chi Minh City  with contact number.

along the Ca Mau  pier 

Another bus line: Phuong Trang also has bus route from here to other places in the Vietnamese Me Kong Delta area.

A typical  super fast boat connecting many towns and cities in the Me Kong delta.

Outside of Ca Mau speed boat station at Phan Boi Chau  road

All boat fare list to all destinations such as Nam Can  and Rach Tau(Dat Mui) 

name of boat and list

French Guide (Google translated) :
Embarcadère Vitesse à la province de Ca Mau (Bateau de Ca Mau à Nam Can et DatMui)

Embarcadère de vitesse ou de station de bateau rivière, à Ca Mau est la passerelle versla partie plus basse totalité du delta Me Kong au Vietnam. Oui, vous pouvez toujoursvoyages par la route, mais ici-bas la rivière est la ligne de vie direct et réel reliant les communautés riveraines de nombreuses.


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  2. This guide has saved us today! Thanks to you we managed to get out of Rach Gia at the right time and at the right price...great job!