January 13, 2012

Ferry boat timetable information from Rach Gia-to-Phu Quoc

Busy time at Rach Gia port when any ferry arrived with a full load of passenger from Phu Quoc  island

By Eastcode travel team
Rach Gia  is the main linkage point between people who crossing from Can Tho to Phu Quoc island in the South Vietnam  or  the traveller  who travels from Cambodia to Phu Quoc and on the way to Can Tho.
Route from Vietnam to Cambodia : 
Can Tho>>Rach Gia>>Phu Quoc>>Ha tien>>Kep or Kampot (Cambodia)  

Route from Cambodia to Vietnam
Kep or Kampot (Cambodia)>> Ha tien>>Phu Quoc>>Rach Gia>>Can Tho

Here are all information relates to boat and ferry crossing  from Rach Gia at the tourist pier or main pier in Rach Gia  (bến tàu du lịch Rạch Giá )  which has many destination like Phú Quốc , Hòn Tre, Hòn Sơn, Thổ Chu ,etc.

The published ferry fares for all routes leaving from Rach Gia . The word : Nguoi Lon means Adult .The other  you can guess by yourself.

the billboard sign for Savanna ferry which is a catamaran 's time of departure  and also contact number in Rach Gia ,Phu Quoc and  Ho Chi Minh City .

Savanna Express ferry contact number from travel agency  

SuperDong boat ferry  contact from a travel agency in Rach Gia 

a big street sign at the main pier show up  all boat schedule from Rach Gia to Phu Quoc  beach island destination .

Another ferry service Helen  by Tnhh Song Hong  .See the contact number above . 

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the map of Rach Gia on the right and big Phu Quoc island on the left.

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the main pier to Phu quoc island from Rach Gia

French Guide (Google translated): 
Ferry informations horaires de bateau de Rach Gia à Phu Quoc

Rach Gia est le point principal lien entre les personnes qui traversant de Can Tho au île de Phu Quoc dans le Vietnam du Sud ou le voyageur qui se rend au Cambodge à Phu Quoc et sur la manière de Can Tho.
Route du Vietnam au Cambodge:
Can Tho>> Rach Gia>> Phu Quoc>> Ha Tien>> Kep ou Kampot (Cambodge)

Route du Cambodge au Vietnam
Kep ou Kampot (Cambodge)>> Ha Tien>> Phu Quoc>> Rach Gia>> Can Tho

Voici tous les renseignements se rapportent à bateau et traversée en ferry de Rach Gia àPhu Quoc

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