January 17, 2012

Rach Gia canal Boat pier to Ca Mau

Canal Boat pier at Rach Gia for Ca Mau trip
By  Eastcode travel team

Only a few tourists travels  down South via  a network of canals to Ca Mau province.... We recommend this trip .Not because of Ca Mau is worth a trip . But for the canal  trip itself which the speedy passenger boat   will passing through  many canals and lively communities along the waterway.

boat to Ca Mau schedule from Ben Tau Rach Meo boat pier

The boats leaving Rach Gia for Ca Mau is locates at another smaller pier  just south of the Rach Gia town . Catch a taxi and told the driver that u want to go to  Rach Meo boat station  or  pier (bến tàu Rạch Mẽo )on  the  Ngô Quyền  road.

Speed boat pier  (Ben Tau Rach Meo) in Rach Gia 

speed boat to Ca Mau .This is a compact and really fast boat for river and canal service.

Boat schedules from Rach Gia-Vinh Thuan  ,Rach Gia-Song Doc, Rach Gia-Ca mau and Rach Gia to Xeo Nhau.
detail of price and services .


(Above)  Rach Meo boat station  or  pier (bến tàu Rạch Mẽo )on  the  Ngô Quyền  road.This is the satellite view from google map.You can see a row of white passenger boat at the pier .

French Guide (Google translated):
Rach Gia à Ca Mau Bateau canaux Pier

Les bateaux en partance pour Rach Gia Ca Mau est localise à un autre plus petit quai juste au sud de la ville de Rach Gia. Prenez un taxi et dit au chauffeur que u veux aller à Rach Meo bateau gare ou quai (ben Tàu Rach Meo) sur la route Ngo Quyen.

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