January 14, 2012

Nam Du island&Other boat and ferry destinations at Rach Gia pier terminal

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Nam Du island from Google map

Apart from the Phu Quoc island , smaller boat goes to smaller destination along the Vietnamese southern coast
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There are some other  interesting destinations that got ferries leaving from the main Rach Gia pier . Those route mostly runs by Ngoc Thanh  company .There is a ticket counter at a small office just about 100 meter from the Rach Gia main pier . Pls see the picture below:

Ngoc Thanh boat company ticket booth and contact numbers

All boat and ferries  schedule: Rach Gia- Khoi Hanh and An Son-Khoi Hanh , Rach Gia-Hon Tre ,Rach Gia-Hon Son,Rach Gia-Nam du island, Rach Gia- Anson  .Also  boat timetable from An Son-Hon Tre ,An Son-Hon Son,An Son-Nam du island, Anson-Rach Gia

name card and contact number of Ngoc Thanh ferry service in Rach Gia , Vietnam

Boat at the ferry site in Rach Gia 

All ferry trips fare list at Rach Gia pier terminal

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(Above) Nam Du island is a far away is land in the the Gulf of Thailand on the Vietnamese side.

French Note (Google Translate):
 Nam Du île et d'autres destinations en bateau et ferry à Rach Gia terminale quai 

Il ya quelques autres destinations intéressantes qui a obtenu des ferries au départ de l'embarcadère principal de Rach GiaCeux trajet longe par Ngoc Thanh entreprise. Il ya un guichet à un petit bureau à peu près 100 mètres de la jetée principale de Rach Gia.

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