June 1, 2010

Schedule and train ticket's price from Hat Yai to Bangkok

You will get some idea about the time and expense need for a train tripfrom Hat Yai to bangkok (about 900 km)
see the following table (Thailand uses 24 hrs format)on the left is Hat yai's time and the column next to it is an estimated time to Bangkok(Hualumphong terminal station-สถานีหัวลำโพง:

172 : Sungai golok to Bangkok (Fast Train)
170: Yala to Bangkok(Fast Train)
42: Yala to Bangkok (express train)
38: Sungai golok to Bangkok (express train)
36:Butterworth(Malaysia) to Bangkok (express train)

Here are the price list. (the price diffrence in a same column indicates the diffrence between an upper berth and lower berth - the upper is cheaper)

A: First class sleeper
B: Second class sleeper Air-con
C: Second class sleeper no Air-con
D: Second class seat Air-con
E: Second class seat no Air-con
f: third classs seat Air-con
g: third classs seat no Air-con

See the coded nuber for each train? Then use this number like 170 then look up at the other table for the price of any ticket you want .

Thai decoding:

the word "รถเร็ว" means "fast train" while "รถด่วนพิเศษ" means "express train"
Sound impressive hah? But in the sad reality both are more like "slow" and "much slower" because Thai train system still in bad shape with bad management as a state enterprise .

เตียงบน means an upper bed
เตียงล่าง means a lower bed

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