June 29, 2010

Adidas football museum

Our work rapidly deteriorate since the world cup begins in South Africa. Fewer updates and seem like all things just stop now… ….ha ha ha.

Well…one of us here found an Adidas Exhibition in Bangkok .This is a showcase for all world cup’s official footballs made by Adidas in the pass 40 years .

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Let see all Adidas balls here :

Above: Telstar 1970 World Cup Mexico

Above: Telstar 1974 World Cup Germany

Above: Tango 1978 World Cup Argentina

Above: Tango Espana 1970 World Cup spain

Above: Azteca 1986 World Cup Mexico

Above: Questra 1994 World Cup USA

Above: Tricolore 1998 World Cup France

Above: Fevernova 2002 World Cup South Korea Japan

Above: Teamgeist 2006 World Cup Germany

Above: Jabulani 2010 World Cup South Africa

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