June 3, 2010

Air Asia landing at Berjaya Time Square

I saw an advertised wall at the ground floor of the Berjaya plaza across a road from Berjaya Times squares shopping complex .The sign said something like following picture:

What does it means? Are they plan to open a branch here ? That’s possible. This area is reachable by both MRT and LRT mass transportation system . The Grassland bus line from Singapore also stop here . 10 mins walk from Puduraya bus station and all guesthouse and cheap hotel along the Jalun Pudu .I do not know when will they open this.

But ….Were are those girls ? I never see any of them on my FD flight.

If u looking for the place then look for this food shop sign is much easier because it's next to the place.Theword "restoran" in Malay simply meand a restaurant in English . The sign said 24 jam and this means it's open 24 hrs.

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