June 11, 2010

Secret behind Adidas World Cup 2010 Football design

I was in Kuala Lumpur,the capital of Malaysia, last week. The night is hot and humid.I stopped at a food shop on Jalun Pudu or Pudu road and need a refreshing drink and found the answer in a fresh coconut ,cut up and serves chill with a straw.

Well....i opened the makeshift lid then look at the coconut and thinking hard....Did i saw this before ? Somewhere? Then the memory rush back.. ha ha !

This is exactly the new design and official FiFa's football from Adidas for the South African World Cup 2010! You can see the similarity with a big replica of the Adidas football or soccer ball that i took in Bangkok,Thailand,several days ago.

The Adidas Football is the cut up coconut ! The style of cut up is look like Southern Indian style becoz the guy who sold me the coconut is a Tamil .Other countries have there own style of cut that not look like this .

The coconut ball!

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