June 5, 2010

Packing Service at Noibai international Airport

You might see a strange machine and sight of some luggages wrapped strangely and tightly in clear plastic sheet at Hanoi's Noibai airport.

The sign advertised proudly : “ For the safety of your luggage “ and the service fee is 50,000 Vietnamese Dong per piece (around 2.5 USD.) The idea is to let them wrapping your luggage with several layers of plastic sheet and any thief will stay away from your stuff because the plastic sheet is hard to open !

I never use their service because nothing worth to protect in my own bag. But always stop by to ask them to use a scale . Checking how heavy is my backpack…keeps it under 15kg to meet budget airline's regulation.

Above: The hand writing on the scale machine said : Do not use it with human.

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