June 12, 2010

the word "Thai" in Vietnam is not relate to "Thailand"

The picture above is the Thai Binh Market in Ho chi Minh City (Saigon),Vietnam. When travels through Vietnam, You will find many words and place names calls "Thai" .This is not relates to "Thai people" or "Thailand" at all .

The only chance of relation is the word "Tai" or "Black Tai" which is the the name of ethnics in the Northern Vietnam that has close relates to Thai and Laos .

But most of the word :Thai you found in Vietnam is not relates to Thailand .

Vietnamese Language learning:

Chợ means= market .So Chợ Thai Binh is means Thai Binh Market (The market is not far from the backpacker's are at Pham Ngu Lao street in District 1 ,Ho chi Minh city.

Do not confuse with the word: Chó which means dog!

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  1. The vietnamese word « thái » as found in Thai-Binh is coming from the Chinese character 太 whose meaning is « great, too much » so it’s not related with the word Vietnamese word « tài » or « thái » coming from the Chinese character 泰 whose meaning is Thai (ethnic, language, culture etc,…)