June 8, 2010

Hat Yai fried chicken

The Thai ‘s southern dish called Hat yai fried chicken(ไก่ทอดหาดใหญ่) is becoming a famous food in Thailand. The fried chicken is deep fried in vegetable oil until crispy and eats with sticky rice .The real difference is some fried onion that will put on the sticky rice ,when you unwrap the package again an astonishing aroma will rise up ….

“ไก่” - Gai means “chicken”
“ทอด” – Thod means “fry or deep fry”

Then ไก่ทอด (Gai-Thod) simply means “fried chicken” and Gai-Thod Hat-Yai = Hat Yai fried chicken(ไก่ทอดหาดใหญ่)

Some said the origin of this dish is not from Hat Yai but from Thepha district (เทพา) about 50 km to the south of this junction city ,but become well known after the dish spreading to Hat Yai later.

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