January 10, 2012

New ferry pier to Phu Quoc island at Ha tien -Vietnam

the schedule and latest ticket price for speed ferry trip from Ha tien to Phu quoc island , one boat in the morning and another  on the afternoon.
by EastCode travel team

we have been told about  an outdated information in some guidebook on Ha Tien to Phu Quoc  island ferry  and that's true .The boat service still runs on the daily basis  but main point is  the pier  it self now moved to the new location on the far shore across the waterway .Please see the following picture.

well ... this is what we saw  at the old ferry pier . No crossing boat and u need to hire a taxi or motorbike drives u across the new bridge to the new pier .If u plan to walk there by yourself ..then spare enough time becoz after u crossing the bridge ,the road on the other side will loop round and not goes directly to the new pier.

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The new pier moved from the old site near river front on Tran hat road to the other side  and the pontoon bridge also gone  .Right now everyone need to uses a new bridge seen on the left of the satellite map.

Also see the new pier of Ha Tien and footage from  the boat trip Ha Tien to Phu Quoc  from our friend Mr Hotsia  (www.hotsia.com)

contact number for Super Dong Ferry   

tel number for SuperDong boat service at Ha Tien ,Rach Gia, An Thoi(southern most town on Phu quoc  island) , Duong Dong and Bai vang pier in Phu Quoc

Contct number for ferry boat trip in Ha Tien , Phu Quoc , Ho chi minh City 

French Guide(Google translated):
Nouveau Ferry Pier à l'île de Phu Quoc au Vietnam Ha Tien

on nous a dit au sujet d'une information périmée dans certains guide sur Ha Tien à Phu Quoc traversier de l'île et c'est vraiLe service de bateau fonctionne toujours sur la basequotidienne, mais point principal est l'embarcadère c'est l'auto maintenant déplacé vers le nouvel emplacement sur ​​la rive opposée travers de la voie navigable

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