November 10, 2014

Chim Cút Chiên deep fried Quail Cho Bac Ninh market

If you want to see the Real life and real  Vietnamese street food . No other place more suitable than "Cho"  or  "market"  in early morning or late afternoon  .

This one is really an exotic dish for many westerner  : Chim Cút Chiên   or  deep fried Quail  bird  .  The place is  Cho Bac Ninh market  ,a small province just north of Hanoi ,Vietnam .

fried Chim Cút  or Quail   and other fried stuff like Vietnamese sausage  
whole Quail  bird deep fried in hot oil and ready to serves

The bird was cut up in half serve with some kinds of herbal leaves which i don't know what it was and eats with chili sauce 

November 8, 2014

The problem of onions and long beans in the Thai cuisine

This is the most famous stir fried chicken with Basil leaves .Also the most basic Thai ordinary meal for ordinary people . But what you see in this cooking video clip is the controversial  style of cooking and ingredient here that really piss off some Thais

  Some Thais do not agree with the onion and long bean and condemn this as unfaithful  to the traditional stir fried with Basil leaves recipe. Any way both styles are popular all over the country and frankly speaking : no clear-cut winner.

fresh chilli is a must : Better hot = Better taste for this fiery menu.

but the cooking style here uses onions  and long bean which unacceptable for someThais

Another cooking method that so different  from the old school style : The Basil leaves here were deep fried in a wok resulting in a crispy version which is the new style.

Pad Thai Sukhothai style Thai street food

Everyone loves Pad Thai but which one?  There are absolutely no unity or uniform of Pad Thai in Thailand at all . Every province has their own style and a little bit more of local interpretation .Some sweeter or even thick in sauce or some are drier   some with slice pork meat or  some with banana flower slices  ... well   i can only say  what you really got depends on many things  and the only few things in common are rice noodle and peanut .

This one cooking style in this clip  more like boiling  the rice noodle in thick peanut sauce rather than stir fried way usually see.The sliced long bean is a hallmark of Sukhothai and lower Northern provinces .The local cuisine  there  always adds some long bean to anything noodle .

thick spicy and sweet peanut sauce got thicken with rice noodle in the hot wok

Long bean : The favourite ingredient of Sukhothai 

deep fried ice cream Thailand street food

I think the origin of this strange  dessert  came from the western countries, probably  Americans has something to do with this : You got a frozen scoop of ice cream and coated it in some flour batter and then  deep frying it. Now it's a type of Thai street food but harder to find .

The Thai version got a really thick crispy skin of pastry  flour due to the hot weather. Got your stomach full just a couple of these fred ice-cream balls.

how to fried a scoop of ice cream?  do like this!

add some caramel and sprinkle with  nut's bit or  other sweet  condiment to the fried chunk of ice-cream

the delicious deep fried strawberries ice-cream just melt softly in a thick coated of batter and crispy surface mixed nicely with those caramel top up

stir fried spicy minced beef with holy Basil leaves

This is the most basic Thai one-dish meal and the ultimate one. When a Thai have to decide what will be his or her choice for the lunch , Most jumps to this menu : stir fried spicy minced beef (or pork what ever at hand)  with holy Basil leaves . The stir fried stuff which so spiced up and hot as hell will be topped up on a plate of steamed rice .Then added a sunny side egg for a proper setting.

Thai word for the dish is : ข้าวกระเพราเนื้อ (Khao-kra-proud-nue)  or Kra-proud-moo  for  Pork version.

stir fried spicy minced beef  with holy Basil should hot as hell from chili pepper to be an authentic one

Thai style beef noodle Thai street food

Really great way to enjoy Thai street food ! Meats lover like me gone crazy with the dried noodle version with a touch of ground chilis ,peanut and a bit of sugar. Thai people call this "ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเนื้อแห้ง"  (kuay-tiew-nue-hang)  .

But sometimes this one is a bit harder to find  because Bangkok people with Chinese origins most are believes in The Guanyin Goddess  and  they do not eat any beef  .

Thai meat noodle  dried yummy lah!!

everything freshly cooked