November 8, 2014

stir fried spicy minced beef with holy Basil leaves

This is the most basic Thai one-dish meal and the ultimate one. When a Thai have to decide what will be his or her choice for the lunch , Most jumps to this menu : stir fried spicy minced beef (or pork what ever at hand)  with holy Basil leaves . The stir fried stuff which so spiced up and hot as hell will be topped up on a plate of steamed rice .Then added a sunny side egg for a proper setting.

Thai word for the dish is : ข้าวกระเพราเนื้อ (Khao-kra-proud-nue)  or Kra-proud-moo  for  Pork version.

stir fried spicy minced beef  with holy Basil should hot as hell from chili pepper to be an authentic one

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