November 8, 2014

deep fried ice cream Thailand street food

I think the origin of this strange  dessert  came from the western countries, probably  Americans has something to do with this : You got a frozen scoop of ice cream and coated it in some flour batter and then  deep frying it. Now it's a type of Thai street food but harder to find .

The Thai version got a really thick crispy skin of pastry  flour due to the hot weather. Got your stomach full just a couple of these fred ice-cream balls.

how to fried a scoop of ice cream?  do like this!

add some caramel and sprinkle with  nut's bit or  other sweet  condiment to the fried chunk of ice-cream

the delicious deep fried strawberries ice-cream just melt softly in a thick coated of batter and crispy surface mixed nicely with those caramel top up

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