November 8, 2014

Pad Thai Sukhothai style Thai street food

Everyone loves Pad Thai but which one?  There are absolutely no unity or uniform of Pad Thai in Thailand at all . Every province has their own style and a little bit more of local interpretation .Some sweeter or even thick in sauce or some are drier   some with slice pork meat or  some with banana flower slices  ... well   i can only say  what you really got depends on many things  and the only few things in common are rice noodle and peanut .

This one cooking style in this clip  more like boiling  the rice noodle in thick peanut sauce rather than stir fried way usually see.The sliced long bean is a hallmark of Sukhothai and lower Northern provinces .The local cuisine  there  always adds some long bean to anything noodle .

thick spicy and sweet peanut sauce got thicken with rice noodle in the hot wok

Long bean : The favourite ingredient of Sukhothai 

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