July 1, 2010

Not a Malaysian teapot!

What is it? Teapot?

You got yourself into a roadside Malay “Restoran” or Rastaurant in English , found a passable English menu and seem like the owner speaks some understandable English .
You feel safe and everything is on your term and under control …then you looking at this thing on the table .

Well…you might said : This is just a teapot . …Think again ..This is not an ordinary teapot like you thought and our tip here will be safe your face when travelling through Malaysia.

Taking a closer look at the picture below then you will see a curious difference from any typical teapot . Why this teapot need a base? Also that base is not the sources of heating.

Then you see another details : First, the base has some small holes and second, some rice grains left there .

Welcome to Asia ! Don’t ever try to drinks anything from this strange teapot because it’s not drinking teapot but a washing one !

Many people in Asia use hands, mostly the right hand, to enjoys their meals instead of spoon and fork or chopsticks . This teapot is just for wash hands after finished your meals . The water inside will rinsing through your hands down to the base and keeps collected there .

Oh! watch out for the tablecloth too!

Samart Muay Thai highlight

I found another interesting video on YouTube.

few muay Thai fighter has those potential in fighting on the ring as him, Samart Payakaroon(สามารถ พยัคฆอรุณ) is the one who can stop any opponent facing with style and deadly skill look almost unreal .

Especially The Matrix stlye when he facing and evading a storm of hits from the opponent.

Thai media calls him as ( เพชรฆาตหน้าหยก) which means a killer with a jade face from the fact that even in the brutality of Muay Thai boxing , despite fights after fights he fought along the way , no one really left a scar on his face or you can say literally only a few attack ever managed to land on his face . No scar and no boxer's nose .

This video clip of Samart is a tribute and quite popular among who interest in Muay Thai and Asian martial Arts . I once met a real boxer from US ...when he saw this clip ,his jaw just drop and stay that way till it's end....explain to me many thing aboutv boxing and muay Thai ....

I have to say that infact Samart can be better than this .....not quite discipline and always to skip trainning . Some time fought with no preparation . Imagine if what we saw is just a half of his real potential !

Samart's Muay Thai move

Rather than a long explanation , A video reveal a glimpse of the movement and style of Samart Payakarun, one of the best Muay Thai Fighter of all times.

This short video said took place at Mr. Saekson's Muay Thai gym ,another former champion who found a muay Thai gym in Plano, TX .

The voice you heard is the real voice of Samart who said at the begining that ....Legs has to keep separates not close and you can swirl around ......then he talk something about Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay ) movement .....and finally he said with the smooth and quick movement u can send a hit to your opponent easily....

Thanks for the guy who post this video . A historic moment of the great fighter.

website of Saekson Gym in Texas is here: