July 1, 2010

Not a Malaysian teapot!

What is it? Teapot?

You got yourself into a roadside Malay “Restoran” or Rastaurant in English , found a passable English menu and seem like the owner speaks some understandable English .
You feel safe and everything is on your term and under control …then you looking at this thing on the table .

Well…you might said : This is just a teapot . …Think again ..This is not an ordinary teapot like you thought and our tip here will be safe your face when travelling through Malaysia.

Taking a closer look at the picture below then you will see a curious difference from any typical teapot . Why this teapot need a base? Also that base is not the sources of heating.

Then you see another details : First, the base has some small holes and second, some rice grains left there .

Welcome to Asia ! Don’t ever try to drinks anything from this strange teapot because it’s not drinking teapot but a washing one !

Many people in Asia use hands, mostly the right hand, to enjoys their meals instead of spoon and fork or chopsticks . This teapot is just for wash hands after finished your meals . The water inside will rinsing through your hands down to the base and keeps collected there .

Oh! watch out for the tablecloth too!

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