July 1, 2010

Samart's Muay Thai move

Rather than a long explanation , A video reveal a glimpse of the movement and style of Samart Payakarun, one of the best Muay Thai Fighter of all times.

This short video said took place at Mr. Saekson's Muay Thai gym ,another former champion who found a muay Thai gym in Plano, TX .

The voice you heard is the real voice of Samart who said at the begining that ....Legs has to keep separates not close and you can swirl around ......then he talk something about Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay ) movement .....and finally he said with the smooth and quick movement u can send a hit to your opponent easily....

Thanks for the guy who post this video . A historic moment of the great fighter.

website of Saekson Gym in Texas is here:


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