November 10, 2014

Chim Cút Chiên deep fried Quail Cho Bac Ninh market

If you want to see the Real life and real  Vietnamese street food . No other place more suitable than "Cho"  or  "market"  in early morning or late afternoon  .

This one is really an exotic dish for many westerner  : Chim Cút Chiên   or  deep fried Quail  bird  .  The place is  Cho Bac Ninh market  ,a small province just north of Hanoi ,Vietnam .

fried Chim Cút  or Quail   and other fried stuff like Vietnamese sausage  
whole Quail  bird deep fried in hot oil and ready to serves

The bird was cut up in half serve with some kinds of herbal leaves which i don't know what it was and eats with chili sauce 

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