November 8, 2014

The problem of onions and long beans in the Thai cuisine

This is the most famous stir fried chicken with Basil leaves .Also the most basic Thai ordinary meal for ordinary people . But what you see in this cooking video clip is the controversial  style of cooking and ingredient here that really piss off some Thais

  Some Thais do not agree with the onion and long bean and condemn this as unfaithful  to the traditional stir fried with Basil leaves recipe. Any way both styles are popular all over the country and frankly speaking : no clear-cut winner.

fresh chilli is a must : Better hot = Better taste for this fiery menu.

but the cooking style here uses onions  and long bean which unacceptable for someThais

Another cooking method that so different  from the old school style : The Basil leaves here were deep fried in a wok resulting in a crispy version which is the new style.

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