June 4, 2010

Bukit Jalil station(refugee camp version)

Bukit Jalil is the new temporary bus station .Actually,it’s not a real station at all but a tent city occupied space in a parking lot of a big sport stadium nearby .So the atmosphere here is more like a big refugee camp rather than a big bus station!

see the story about old station at Puduraya here

To buy any ticket : looking for the biggest tent .Hundreds of ticket booth(and front men!)wait for you inside.The shuttle bus from old

Buy any ticket from a booth .Do not buy from a front man out side.

If u plan to travel to the new bus station at Bukit Jailil with a shuttle bus service from the old station at ,then plan for a 30-40 mins ride out of town .too.

The shuttle bus will stop next to the ticket tent and the bus service will runs between 6.00 AM till midnight and at 15 mins interval.

Also plan for any confusion that might occur . If u can not find your bus then visit the booth that sold you the ticket and let them help u find …

In my case , the seller can not specify the bus number on the day I booked so I met her again at the ticket booth ,waited there with a group of Malay travelers , a guy will come to us with a radio in his hand and leading us to where the bus park .

The food shop and restaurants in separate tents at Bukit Jalil.

An incredible sight of a creek running behind a tent city of Bukit Jalil station.This will be a site of main KL long distance bus station for at least 5-6 months.

the pic on the left is theLRT train station just across the road from the new Bukit Jalil bus station.

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