June 5, 2010

To Bukit Jalil with LRT

It is also possible to go to the new KL's bus station at Bukit Jalil via mass transit LRT train (star line) , The Bukit Jalil station is only a station away to the last and terminal station at Sri Petaling .

Form Puduraya and Chinatown : walk to Plaza Rakyat station. But to get a shuttle bus in front of the old Puduraya is an easier option.

From elsewhere in Kualar Lumpur : get to the LRT star line at any interchange station at Masjid Jamek , Hang Tuah, Tasik Selatan and continues to Bukit Jalil station .

See here for the shuttle bus option.

Also see here for the temporary long distance bus station at Bukit Jalil Stadium, Kuala Lumpur.

Above: Bukit Jalil LRT station

above: Map of LRT system ,Kuala Lumpur.

above: terminal station and the southern end of starline at Sri Petaling,KL.

Sri Petaling station.Mostly quiet.

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