June 9, 2010

Power outages in Yangon, Myanmar ( Burma)

Always check out for local electricity situation when you visit Myanmar(or Burma) which is the old name of this Southeast Asian country. Even in Yangon! (or Rangoon)

Myanmar always hot In April and May,some place like Mandalay can rise up to 40 C . But the real disaster will struck at night when some part of Yangon or other big cities might not have enough electricity coverage, some district might got a power outage for a certain period of time.

You thought you paid for an aircon room .Then ,You got one but without any electricity . So next time you looking for a hotel or guesthouse in Burma ,ask about the outage situation so u don’t have to pay extra for an aircon service which is not exist.

In a smaller town and rural area, The outage is an integrated part of daily life .Only place that has electricity at night in a smalltown is a teashop which have to runs a generator to service an audiance of local soccer fans who enjoy live football match from the English Premier League.

If you are a serious photographer , charge up your battery every time while the electricity last or bring a car adapter from home .

Our Japanese friend who just back form Myanmar said the rotational electricity supply in Rangoon was abolished at the beginning of this year which look like a good news but not. Now without the rotational system ,some can not really sure when the power will be restored and when an outage. Also, some said the supply is in so low voltage which can not operate other machine except the lights.

Above: An electric generator outside a shop in Yangon commercial district .Many shops and companies in Yangon have to relies on this small gasoline generator to runs business.

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