October 9, 2010

No xe may on 1,000-year birthday party of Hanoi

By: EastCode news team

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Today is a special day for Vietnam when Ha noi, the capital of this Southeast Asian countries , celebrating her 1,000-year birthday party.

But if we strict to the fact .The former name of Ha noi called as Thang Long, or "rising or soaring dragon".Then the French changed it to a much more simpler name: Ha noi , as we known it today.

But one cool fact of this really special event is the horde of "xe may" or "motorbike" that roaming Vietnamese street every day will be no where to be seen in the central Ha noi as the Vietnamese authorities announced all vehicle prohibited from Ba Dinh Square; Hung Vuong Road; Doc Lap-Hoang Van Thu; the Nguyen Canh Chan-Ba Huyen Thanh Quan-Mot Cot Pagoda route; the Phan Dinh Phung-Hoang Dieu-Quan Thanh route; Thanh Nien Road; the Van Xuan Garden and surrounds during parade rehearsals on October 6-7 and October 9-10.

Nguyen Thai Hoc-Cua Nam-Trang Thi-Hang Khay-Trang Tien Streets will be closed to traffic for the parade.

Both vehicles and pedestrians will be banned from Ba Dinh Square on Sunday morning, October 10.

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