May 10, 2010

Lao bus Travel Tips

I'm at Luang Namtha bus station and wondering around .This small sleepy town will become a main point on Thailand-Laos-China's trading route. Also for many backpackers who prilgrimage to nearby Muang Sing for a trekking trip or rafting .

A good Laos bus driver or his helper need a rope knot expertise as an oldtime sailor.Most of the time u will find a motobike or several of it tied up on the roof with othe baggage or "kueng" in Laos. Be prepare for wet season by packing your stuff waterproof as yr backpack will end up there all the time while the under belly is packed with other comercial cargo. Our backpack on the roof will be protected by a big canvas but ...Things can happens in a tropical downpour.

Do u thinks what is the guy doing right now? fueling his bus with a tank and tube. Then he start packing for atleast an hour. Keep in mind that your bus schedule in Laos can be delay by the process of packing and repacking every times it's stop on the mountainous route.

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