May 23, 2010

Taxi Surcharge in Singapore


Taxi Surcharge in Singapore

It’s true that all taxis fare in Singapore are based on meter reading which starts from $2.80 . But apart from those number that keeps on moving on the meter screen , we need to paid a complicated scheme of surcharges that will add up and up on to the final fare at the end of a trip.Sometime much much more...

For budget traveller,find one or two who shares the cost is a good idea becoz many of us will end up around a same area like dunlop street near Little India.Otherwise take go to Changi terminal two then get a bus or MRT train to downtown.

Note: above picture is the taxi stand just infront of the Changi budget terminal.

Airport surcharge
This is the most common surcharge .

We have to paid 3.00 SGD for any trip from the Changi airport (Monday to Thursday, 1700hrs – midnight)

But if u travel on Friday to Sunday, 1700hrs – 2359hours .Then u have to paid 5.00 SGD (Friday to Sunday, 1700hrs – midnight)

So don’t fly to Singapore on Weekend !

Midnight surcharge

Well …The rule said 50% midnight surcharge will be imposed on meter fares. It’s means we have to paid more 50% of the fare .
Don’t fly any late flight to Singapore! If the midnight approaching then rush to the taxi stand ASAP.

Peak hour surcharge

Peak means high here and our final metered fare will be higher.
Monday - Friday (7.00 am to 9.30 am) means we paid 35% more
Monday - Saturday (5.00 pm to 8.00 pm) means we paid 35% more

Public holiday surcharge

We can enjoy all those Asian traditional holidays package as a surcharge worth 1 SGD impose on us every time travels by a taxi from 6pm on the day before any of those major public holidays in Singapore like New Year's Day, Lunar New Year, Hari Raya Islamic holiday, Deepavali for Hindu holiday and Christmas to 12am of the holidays.

Area surcharge

Central Business District (CBD) surcharge which is around 3SGD and an
Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) surcharges.

Every time your taxi pass a big sign “ERP” across the road means you have to paid more …ranging from 1-3 SGD .

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