May 17, 2010

SG Taxi Basic fare

Just arrived in Singapore from Hanoi , Vietnam .

Singaporean public signs and their brochure are always informational and helpful with foreign visitor . Here is the rate of public taxi in Singapore . The sign just post outside the way to the airport taxi stop at the Changi airport – terminal 2

Actually ….the taxi cost to the center of Singapore should be around 15-20 SGD .More if u go father to the east and also another factor is time and area which might cost u more too.

SG Taxi Basic fare :

Flagdown (inclusive 1st km) 2.80-3.20 SGD

Every 385 metres(up to 10km) 0.20 SGD

Every 330 metres(after 10km) 0.20 SGD

Every 45 secs of waiting time 0.20 SGD

the above rate is for the standard taxi if it were Chrysler u have to pay a bit more

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