May 12, 2010

First ATM in Sam Neua

Good news for all travellers to Sam Neua ,the former base of Lao socialist government in time civil war,the remote town got a new and the first ATM machine! This one is just setting up a few days ago near the big mounument and close to the Tuk tuk station near the main road.All in all: Not hard to find in this small and out-of-the-way town.You simply can't miss it!

At the time when i took this picture (May/10/2010), the machine still in the process of setting up but the bank guys said will be operational soon.This will be one of two ATM in Sam Neua.

The new ATM in Sam Nuea at night.This red ATM booth in other Laotian town already proved operational even after a black out .

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