May 26, 2010

Ais-krim potong

Not just some Ice cream here but This is the ais-krim or called the whole name as "ais-krim potong” which means cuts or cut-out ice cream. This traditional ice cream will brings back old memories from many older generation who grown up in a small community or a village.

At that time ,refrigerator is just for the rich, only frozen delight come in the from of an ice cream vendor who brought a big frozen chunk of ice cream in many flavors like Red Bean,Green Bean, Black Glutinous Rice, Yam, even Durian!

“potong” means “cut” so in the old time ,the vendor put the big chunk out of his mobile freezer and chop or cut into smaller piece then put a small wooden stick into it to make a holder.

The style was common in several South East Asian countries. Thailand ,Laos, Indonesia also have this kind of ice cream.

This one is a modern one . a piece already cut out and wrapped and cost you around 80-90 cent .(around one-third of a USD).The sign and wording "Halal" means permissible to use or consume according to Islamic law.

A bite mark will appears after first bite !

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