May 12, 2010

something wrong with my window in Phonsavan

Me and my friend just arrived in Phonesavanh, a highland town of Laos,and promptly rent a room at Phoukham Guesthouse at the opposite side of an old bus station)that look quite typical by Phonesavanh's standard which is a big shell of a bomb or two at the entrance.Those are old American bombs from the secret war of Indochina long time ago.But scars never gone.

It's rain and darkness soon cover the whole town.We got into the room and tried to open a window that open to the balcony.

"struck something..." my friend told me. I told him just leave it like that because we still got another window,also the temperature there a bit chiil....

The morning reveal an amazing sight .Late last night , our window struck the muzzle part of an old machine gun and at the balcony .....u will see a load of broken guns and ammunition...It's turn out that are collection of the owner.

Every restaurants and guesthouses or even the provincial tourism have their own mini "bomb exhibition" to impress the visitors .

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