May 22, 2010

Bye Bye Prince 57 budget hotel in Hanoi

Bye Bye Prince 57 budget hotel in Hanoi

Before the last week of March I was in Hanoi and stayed at my usual cheap option, the Prince 57 hotel in Hanoi . The location is right just not far to the market in the old quarter and so close to the lake Hoan Kiem Lake .

Then I went to Sapa in the North (Lao Cai province) . Back again and stay at another hotel deeper at Datban street around Hang Bac street .

Three days later, I walk pass by and suddenly feel something a bit wrong .Look around and found that the place just gone! A group of people beginning tearing it down leave out a big hole in between row of vietnamese stlye shop-house.

After that,I visited Ha Noi again on the first week of May .

“when will this hotel reopen again?” I asked a ticket vendor nearby .
“more than 20 months” She saidand a souvenier vendor who set up her shop in front of the old guesthouse said the same thing.

So long! Gone with an old memory of the past .Many travelers been here and like the cheap dirt price of old time.

The New Prince 57 might not used the old name and even worse with a hike up in price like other hotel around

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