September 18, 2010

Thai Tuk Tuk

Yesterday,I did show you a Khmer version and today a Thai one. Tuk tuk or a moto-tricycle on steriod are exists in various versions,each countries or even each city have there own unique way of style,some are just great and some are not so or even on a brink of madness for some too.

Thai Tuk Tuks (ตุ๊กตุ๊ก) are quite ok ,compact and powerful ,steady built and the vehicle is much more reliable than its own driver.

The down side is that the leg room is limit and the passenger is not quite in a sitting position, more like half sit- half lie down . another drawback is when u strucks on the road during a downpur, so much rains and waters keep on splashing inside even the driver managed to installed a protective plastic curtain.

An old Australian pilot said to me once that the Thai crazy Tuk Tuk ride is just like his experiences on a torpedo plane during the second world war !

" vroooohm....." he swears that exactly the flying feel "Now with a passing vehicles or when the tuktuk rush through a crowd market or alley ...then u got the Star War flying stunt"

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