September 21, 2010

Boneo pitcher plants

by: Asian trip wayfarer

Pitcher plants are strange kind of plant that use a pod or deep cavity for trapping small insect it's a bug eater plant ! This kind of pitcher plant in this photo can find around the Southeast Asia countries from Thailand, Laos down south to Malaysia and Indonesia.

Traveler who visit a big island of Borneo(or Kalimantan in Indonesian word) will found numerous encounters with this strange kind of plant ranging from as big as a small kettle to a size of a coke can and as small as a lighter. Some are looks so alien that u might never thought it's belong to this earth....

I took this photo in a jungle just outside Bario , a small town deep in Kelabit highland of Sarawak-Malaysia, the pitcher plant there is smaller than those found in Sabah, Malaysia.There is no road to bario . Only way to get in is by small rural service plane .

Below: Map of Borneo-Kalimantan

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