September 25, 2010

Beware of Golden Week holiday in China

By: EastCode travel news

Next week is not a nice time to visit China. Because on October the first is the day when the People's republic of China was found.

Even the latest estimation from China National Radio reports about 210 million tourists are expected to travel in China during the coming Golden Week holiday to celebrate the National Day.

Also the country's tourism industry continues to grow, the National Day holiday period in October is expected to be the busiest Golden Week in recent years, according to the China Tourism Academy.

The Shanghai Expo also will drive the tourism market and the western China's Xinjiang, Yunnan and Tibet will become popular for Chinese tourist during the autumn.


In fact...not only the 210 millions tourist on the road heading somewhere in this period .Be expecting more another 100 millions on the very same road heading home and the result can be compare like a half of the western European population suddenly travels around at the same time!

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