September 17, 2010

Last ATM chance…

The green bank in this picture is situates just before the Thai-Cambodian border crossing point at Hat Lek (Thailand) / Poi Pet‎ (Cambodia) . This is just the last ATM machines chances you got on the Thai side and further 50 m. walks will leads you over the borderline into Cambodia .

The irony of this ATM machines is sometimes ran out of cash due to heavy demand from Thai gamblers who need cash in hand for their casino trip to Poi Pet which now days looked more and more like the Vegas in the making.

Thailand outlaw all gambling but the result of this strict policy can see in those casino complex mushrooming on the neighbor ‘s side.

Hat lek (หาดเล็ก) is the small village name in the district of Aranyaprathet (อรัญประเทศ)

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