September 20, 2010

Bike for rent in Vietnam

By Asian trip wayfarer

I took this photo in Sapa, Northern Vietnam. The sign said: Motorbike for rent . This is a typical sign in front of many Guest houses or hotels in backpacker 's area. You should carefully checking all conditions and functions before accept it.

The sign in Vietnamese (tieng Viet) said: Cho Thue Xe May which means ..for rent motorbike which is a bit strange because the Vietnamese wording should be : "xemay cho thue"

Some Vietnamese tips:

xe may = motorbike
cho = for
thue = rent

xe is the Vietnamese universal word for "car" . Dont be fool by the alphabet . This xe more sound like "sair" in the word "corsair" !

If you looking for a bicycle for rent instead...then ask for xe dap cho thue = bike for rent

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