September 25, 2010

New Air linkage from Southern Laos to Phuket

By: Asian trip wayfarer

In the middile of This October(2010). Thai Air asia will open a new route from the paradise island of Phuket in the southern Thailand to Ubonratchathani (U-bon-rat-cha-tha-ni) province in the Northeastern part of the country.

This is a clever move . While Ubon is not quite famous as a tourist destination but the province of Ubonratchathani (TH: อุบลราชธานี) has many scenic sites and also a critical path for travelers in and out Southern Laos via Ubon-Pakse (Pakxe) route .

This means a traveler who just finished trip in the southern Laos can catch an international bus (aircon -200 baht) which runs twice a day between Ubon-Pakse and then get a plane fly directly to Phuket island . Bypassing the noisy Bangkok .

This will complement by another route already operational now. The route from Udonthani in the upper- Northeastern Thailand providing a really convenient choice of bypassing Thai capital totally. Also this route links by daily international bus connecting Udon province to Vientien (Viang Chan) , the capital of Laos .

The alphabet inn this billboard above is not Thai but Laos .I took this from Vientien on summer this year.

Also See some pictures I captured from the Air asia website :

current ubon route just to Bangkok. In the near future will expand to cover the Phuket route like in the following picture

Above: Udon to Phuket route

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