March 1, 2015

Vietnamese Crab soup - súp cua

This version look soft and beautiful 

 I love this soup and have to orders it anywhere i have a chance to meet it. This street food is much more tastier during the winter or you buy it  at mountain resort town like Da Lat or Sa Pa . The soup main ingredient are  crab meat or  their soul (hardly see it on street food version except you buy it in some fancy restaurant) ,some quail eggs ( súp cua trứng cút) ,and  asparagus (Mang Tay)  or  bamboo shoot (Mang) in some version  .It's a thick gluelike soup  but tasty .
 súp cua trứng cút  - crab meat soup with quail eggs

here are  my several clips on this delicious  but mysterious dish .. I said mysterious because sometime seem like there was no crab or asparagus in there at all !

Crab soup - Da Lat version

Another vendor from the Da Lat 's Night market -serves in a plastic cup for take away customer.

This sup cua is from a small road-side restaurant in Nha Trang ,Vietnam.

crab meat soup - Another version which i can't remember where..poor me!

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