May 4, 2014

Where is the Mengwi bus terminal in Bali? why there?

big control tower look more like a lighthouse 

by Minami

if u plan yr Indonesian trip by flew in to Bali first and then hoping to other surrounding islands and Java ,then at some point might need to find a long distance bus station to be started there.

Yesterday afternoon, we went there to the Mengwi bus terminal by taxi and found out that beautiful building with an impressive big tower for buses monitoring and controling are  stood still under the hot sun and mostly quiet when compare to other bus terminal at Ubung....

Really wonder why anyone want to put the terminal there in the first place!

the main road outside Mengv Wi bus terminal

our opinion : better get  your ticket and take off from the old Ubung terminal  just north of the Denpasar city ...what ever your route to Java is  .. becoz u will got more options and choices there  or u can fly out with several low cost airlines 

don't get me wrong ! buses still visit and drop by but more like for official purpose rather than as  a busy  transport his as it planed to be 

Mengwi terminal entrance

Mengwi bus terminal complex

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